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It is Christmas Day and we are all sitting around together by the Christmas tree. Our bellies are full of yummy Christmas dinner, our heads are filled with happy memories and the living room is filled with laughter. We can't help but think about how awesome everything about Christmas is, about how awesome everything about today is, about how awesome everything is!!! So many things are awesome that we decided to start writing them down, so we don't ever forget! Feel free to add to our list and let's keep it going for the next 365!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ripping off a scab all in one piece!  Awesome!

Being pregnant!  Awesome!

Using fresh snow as ice to make drinks! Awesome!!

Boobs!  Awesome!

Going commando!  Awesome!

Getting the gift you WANT for Christmas! Awesome!

Finding out you still have no cavities! Awesome!

Popping a zit and seeing the puss hit the mirror! Awesome!

A comfy couch! Awesome!

The first cold beer after you get off the ice! Awesome!

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